Learn Monica’s Goals as a Legistlator

Grow number of jobs, and also secure our current jobs.

I would like to work with local economic developers serving on the House Economic Opportunities Committee to ensure the incentives that state has in place fulfill their purpose. Given the high demand in tech jobs in this day and age, I think it is highly important that we begin familiarizing ourselves with the market.

It is equally important to become aware of the jobs that are in jeopardy in our communities so that we can begin implementing practical solutions. For instance, there are many obstacles small businesses currently face with the systems we have in place, and alleviating some of those obstacles may help in the growth of smaller companies.

I plan on creating a Jobs Advisory Council that would aid in overcoming these problems that small businesses face.

Mental Health Awareness

It is no secret that our country is in the midst of fighting an opioid crisis. There is no quick fix to this ongoing problem, however, I believe mental health awareness is a great first step in addressing the issue. I would like to focus on prevention as much as treatment.

More and more drugs are falling into the hands of our youth, and I believe it is important to educate parents in our community in being able to identify drug use within their children.

Just as important, the stigma that comes with mental illness in our society must be acknowledged and removed. The stigma that exists does not benefit our community and only feeds into the issue rather than resolve it.

We need to continue to fund important programs, yet make sensible spending cuts, and pay down our debt.

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